Are you ready for the restart?

Beep Bip Beep Bip Beep Bip… I wake up suddenly and realise I am late for school.
The first day back at school and I don’t want to make a bad impression. I shoot across my room looking for something cool and fresh to wear. Breakfast… I get my mom to quickly throw something together,
I eat it as fast as I can. Where are my books? I gather my things and rush off to the bathroom! Cleaning my teeth and combing my hair simultaneously and…
I am ready! I start to feel the first day nerves and I head to my room. I turn on my computer…. Sorry teacher, I’m late!”
Well, it’s time to go back to school!


A New Normal
In many ways the new school year is going to be very different for students and teachers alike. Schools are introducing social distancing rules and reducing the number of students allowed in the school at one time. Many students will have to do lessons online through video calling platforms and some parents will have to take up the responsibility of teaching their children themselves from home. The new normal has arrived, but for how long until it changes again?



Back To Normal
Some things will never change. Students will still manage to be late for their online lessons. Sorry teacher, but I couldn’t find my laptop charger… get ready for the adapted excuses! The controlled chaos of school will continue, and that isn’t a bad thing. Excellent teachers will still find a way to inspire their students through innovation and passion of their subjects. In the story The Truth about Professor Smith, our heroic teacher survives a kidnapping and still manages to teach and inspire his pupils. Students will continue to bring life and energy into the classroom and absorb new knowledge like a sponge. In Wonder we learn about the strength of children when coming through difficult circumstances. A new year and new challenges of course, but together they will find a way to grow through the chaos and we will all benefit as a result. A new normal is something schools have always had to adapt to. As The Extraordinary Miss Sunshine teaches us ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. The school’s job is to prepare the next generation for the future world. But, let’s hope the important things never change.


“Back to School”
“The Mad Teacher” (Pre-A1)
“The Happy Prince and the Selfish Giant” (A1)
“The Truth About Professor Smith” (A2)
“I Want to Be You” (A2)



“The Jungle Book”- Lesson Plan (A1)
“The Jungle Book” – Lesson Plan – Worksheet (A1)
“Robinson Crusoe” – Lesson Plan (B2.2)
“Robinson Crusoe” – Lesson Plan – Worksheet (B2.2)



“Anne of Green Gables” – Listening – Audio Track (A1)
“Anne of Green Gables” – Listening – Activity (A1)
“Anne of Green Gables” – Listening – Activity – Answer Keys (A1)
“Wonder” – Reading Activity (A1)
“Wonder” – Reading Activity – Answer Keys (A1)


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