Love is in the pages

Love is in all probability the word that appears the most number of times in literature all over the world (it exceeds a billion by far)! Love is the most powerful emotion on the face of the Earth; revolutionary, and the bearer of unpredictable actions. And, it does not spare any inhabitant on the planet: you can try to hide it, pretend it does not exist, or you can spend your whole life chasing after it, trying to experience it most intimately; there is no one rule.

That is exactly why literature has been able to express its infinite permutations through prose, poetry and plays, even political speeches, because it is literally impossible not to convey something new every time love is expressed. In short, amongst the many life experiences, it is the richest for better or for worse.

It is not easy to declare one’s feelings out loud: how many times the fear of rejection, shyness or the feeling of being inadequate lead one to give up… Not to worry, there are words and literary pages at the ready! Writers and poets have explored love, inventing words capable of expressing emotions and able to move, inspiring the right words to be said to the right person.

Explore with us the words of feelings by reading and listening to what has already been created, so that you too may become writers and creators of words of love.


William Shakespeare – “Romeo and Juliet” (B1.2)
“The True Story of Pocahontas” (A2)

Valentine’s Day

Oscar Wilde – “The Importance of Being Earnest” (B1.2)
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