Fairies, spells and other worlds

What comes to mind when talking about legends, fairies, goblins and prophecies? You will probably (and you are right) say – narratives that go beyond reality. They are stories that always manage to capture our attention because they narrate inexplicable, disturbing, yet fascinating situations. Who has not felt a slight thrill in front of an enormous, gloomy Victorian house? Envisioning the ghosts gliding between rooms, our imagination takes us back to a story with evanescent figures dressed in white lingering in the dark, waiting to reveal themselves to the land of the living.

Gothic literature was born to narrate the inexplicable. Come and explore it with the lesson plan of Gothic Short Stories and the reading activity from the novel The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, where you will find yourself catapulted into 200 year old houses filled with dark secrets. Travel to the land of the pharaohs and explore the mysteries of the netherworld while watching Great Mysteries of Our World. Uncover the power of ancient curses in The Eighth Sister and dedicate a lesson to the study of the supernatural. Wander back to the mythical forests of Europe to frolic with gnomes, goblins, or even witches, but be weary, they may cast a spell on you and transport you to another realm. You don’t believe in ghosts and witches? Explore the fanciful world of science fiction in the video, Alien Alert in Seattle or the classic tale The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Pack your imagination and we’re off to sail into the many worlds of literature. Here we go!

“The Lost World” (B1.1)
“The Eighth Sister” (B1.1)
“Alien Alert in Seattle” (A2)
“Great Mysteries of our World” (B1.2)


“Gothic Short Stories”- Lesson Plan (B2.2)
“Gothic Short Stories” – Lesson Plan – Worksheet (B2.2)
“The Eighth Sister” – Lesson Plan (B1.1)
“The Eighth Sister” – Lesson Plan – Worksheet (B1.1)


“North and South” – Listening – Audio Track (B2.1)
“North and South” – Listening – Activity (B2.1)
“North and South” – Listening Activity – Answer Keys (B2.1)
“The Woman in White” – Reading Activity (B2.1)
“The Woman in White” – Reading Activity – Answer Keys (B2.1)


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