Every page is a place where to stay

Home is the nicest place to immerse yourself in reading or, could every book become your home, wherever you are? While you think of the answer, come along and discover how many houses we’ll explore this month, just click on a video or open a page to peek past the door…

Did you hear a creaking in the attic? It might be the mystery that shrouds The House of the Seven Gables. The video associated with this Graded Reader helps to understand the linguistical differences between ‘house’ and ‘home’, it encourages reading and, why not, keeping a personal score of which place belongs more to which category.

Home is a place to grow together, play and plan great adventures. In the lesson plan accompanying the Graded Reader, Five Children and It, the story’s young protagonists explore their surroundings making surprising encounters and great plans for their lives. The activities in the text and the illustrations suggest a creative workshop for discussion and consideration in the classroom. To complete the lesson and offer a further point of view, show the class the video related to the title, which suggests a linguistical exercise on wishes and magic.

When one thinks of a house, it seems like the most stable and unmovable place we know. Yet the Graded Reader, The Railway Children, invites you to imagine a train ride. The video helps students practice language that relates to the train, while in the Listening Activity, they hear the novel’s protagonists and their adventures.

The month ends with a heroine who has often moved house before finding the happiest and most comfortable home to stay in: Jane Eyre. The Reading Activity follows her long search, while the video helps to better understand and practice some expressions relating to the fondest features of the home.

Ready to explore? Make yourself at home.

“The House of the Seven Gables” (B2.1)
“Five Children and IT” (A1)
“The Railway Children” (A2)
“Jane eyre” (B1.2)



“Five Children and IT”- Lesson Plan (A1)
“Five Children and IT” – Lesson Plan – Worksheet (A1)



“The Railway Children” – Listening – Audio Track (A2)
“The Railway Children” – Listening – Activity (A2)
“The Railway Children” – Listening – Activity –  Answer Keys (A2)
“The House of the Seven Gables” – Reading Activity (B2.1)
“The House of the Seven Gables” – Reading Activity – Answer Keys (B2.1)
“Jane Eyre” – Reading Activity – (B1.2)
“Jane Eyre” – Reading Activity – Answer Keys (B1.2)

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