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The great masters of literature can also be the best English teachers.

This page contains materials, divided by subject, that you can download for free to plan lessons focused on the masterpieces of Anglo-American literature, enabling your students to improve their vocabulary, grammar and reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through the magic of great stories.

The various topic pages contain:

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Just choose the subject of your next lesson and let the greatest authors of Anglo-American literature teach along with you!

Sustainable Literature
Listen… words are speaking!
Pages and experiences never end
Breathing in literature
Every page is a place where to stay
A voyage through short stories
Fairies, spells and other worlds
Being a detective through the pages
Are you ready for the restart?
Let's meet and protect Planet Earth!
Travel is a State of Mind
The most wonderful language to learn
Stories that Live On and On
All the World’s a Stage: Take It from the Bard!
What's your name?
Love is in the pages
Fantasy, magic and legends