Student's Book (128 p.) + Vocabulary Maximiser (112 p.) + audio CD-ROM
ISBN: 9788853018526
€ 30,00
Teacher's Book (80 p.)
ISBN: 9788853019196
€ 12,00
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TOTAL B1 Preliminary NOW!

Author Felicity O'Dell, Rosalie Kerr
Language ENGLISH
Category Examinations
Series Total
Level B1
Examinations Preliminary

A comprehensive preparation for the new B1 Preliminary exam

Total B1 Preliminary Now! prepares students both for the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary standard qualification and the B1 Preliminary for Schools qualification, in view of the new exam format which will start being used from 2020.

It can also serve as intensive preparation for the B1 Preliminary qualification or as a general language course.


  • 20 thematic units;
  • 5 Exam Banks for an intensive exercise on the various types required by the exam;
  • tips and strategies for facing the exam;
  • all the vocabulary required at the exam;
  • Grammar Bank, an illustrated section, with further explanations, of grammatical structures plus activities;
  • Writing Bank, a 6-page appendix featuring explanations, examples of the various writing tests and an analysis of the evaluation of the relevant tests;
  • Speaking test videos: a video on the B1 Preliminary Speaking Test available in 2 versions: with and without hints, to better face the oral exam;
  • all the video and audio content is accessible via Smartphone and tablet thanks to the DeA Link app.



  • Vocabulary Maximiser: a 112-page Workbook reinforcing lexical and language knowledge, providing extra exercises in the various types required by the exam;
  • 2 complete B1 Preliminary Practice Tests;
  • an MP3 CD-Rom for students, with all the listening activities from the Student’s Book and the Skills and Vocabulary Maximiser plus 2 more Cambridge English B1 Preliminary practice tests (complete and interactive);
  • Teacher’s Book with extra ideas for teaching, activity solutions and transcription of the recordings;
  • an MP3 CD-ROM for teachers, with all the listening activities from the Student’s Book and the Skills and Vocabulary Maximiser.

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