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ISBN: 9788853014290
€ 9,20
ISBN: 9788853042484
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Das Haus an den Klippen

Author Achim Seiffarth
Adapted by Stefan Czarnecki
Language GERMAN
Category Graded Readers
Series Lesen und Üben
Genre Love
Level A2

Valeria is a beautiful, intelligent girl. She attends high school and is a model student, but she is sad and unhappy because she has no friends. People claim that her mother is a witch and that, in the big house on the cliffs where she lives, terrible things happen. One day Markus, the best looking boy in the class, ignoring all the rumours, becomes Valeria’s friend. Finally Valeria’s life seems to have taken a turn for the better, but is Markus the right boy for her? And what secret does the big house on the cliffs really hide?

Die berühmtesten liebesgeschichten aller Zeiten
Die Städte in Schleswig-Holstein

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