Buch (80 S.) + CD + App
ISBN: 9788853016430
€ 9,20

Die richtige Taste – Johann Sebastian Bach

Author Achim Seiffarth
Language GERMAN
Category Graded Readers
Series Lesen und Üben
Genre Biography
Level A2
Examinations FIT 2

Young Bach’s life certainly isn’t easy: orphaned as a child, he must give up his studies. He works as an organist in churches and courts, where he is employed by princes and noblemen, but never stops studying and learning – organ music first and, later on, Italian and French music. All of these experiences will flow into his music, as he creates his immortal masterpieces!

Es ist eine schwere Zeit…
Das goldene Zeitalter der Musik – drei Komponisten
Land der Wunder – Thüringen

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