Buch (96 S.) + CD
ISBN: 9788877549624
€ 9,90

Der Gestiefelte Kater - Das Tapfere Schneiderlein

Author Gebrüder Grimm
Adapted by Anette Müller
Language GERMAN
Category Graded Readers
Series Lesen und Üben
Genre Fairy tales
Level A2
Examinations FIT 2

An inheritance for three sons: a mill, a donkey and – for the youngest son – a cat! At first, the youngest son is disappointed with his gift, but he soon discovers he is the luckiest of them all. A brave tailor kills seven flies in one go and, convinced of his own strength, starts performing miracles.
Two simplified fables are offered here with exercises on Märchenkunde.

Zur Geschichte des Gestiefelten
Katers und des Tapferen Schneiderleins

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