Conoscere l'italiano - principiante

Simona Simula

Conoscere l’italiano is a grammar book for beginner-level students: easy to use and clearly laid out.

It is divided into 60 units and five appendices. Each unit deals with a specific grammar structure and offers a wide range of original and motivating exercises, which simplify the learning of the rules of the Italian language, which are often complicated. Thanks also to the use of summaries, the rules are presented in a concise and effective way and are followed by examples which use correct language. A range of summary exercises divided into topics allows regular checks and consolidation of the knowledge acquired.

The 5 appendices offer:

• summary verb pages;
• brief explanations of the phonetics;
• outlines of the rhythm and accents;
• information regarding the position of qualifying adjectives.

The index allows the topics dealt with in the book to be found easily. The solutions to the exercises are available in a separate booklet.

Conoscere l’italiano is also available in a German edition (Klett), Dutch edition (Intertaal), Polish edition (Pwn) and Brazilian edition (SBS).


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