Tous à bord - Quatre amis à Paris

J. Gautier, L. Parodi, M. Vallacco

This DVD follows the daily life of four teenagers, Marine, Magali, Alexandre and Werner. It is made up of 13 episodes which cover the main functional language:

• meeting new friends at school;
• talking about the school timetable on the telephone;
• describing a flat;
• talking about health and medicine;
• buying a present;
• buying clothes and shoes;
• following a recipe;
• inviting friends to a birthday party;
• flicking through the family photo album;
• taking the underground;
• visiting a collège;
• going to the cinema with some friends;
• describing the main sights in Paris.

The situations are realistic and allow the students to identify with the characters. It is a fun and innovative way to revise the functional language and the vocabulary, thereby motivating students in the study of the French language.

The accompanying booklet offers a summary of each episode, with a double page of comprehension exercises for each one, to help the students to understand the communicative situations. It also includes the answer key for all the activities and the recording scripts.

DVD + Fiches de compréhension pour le DVD (pp. 48)