Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (The)

Book (pp. 96) + CD
ISBN: 9788853008350
€ 9,60
ISBN: 9788853040374
Author Robert Louis Stevenson
Adapted by James Butler, Lucia De Vanna
Activities by Jennifer Gascoigne, Kenneth Brodey
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Reading & Training
Genre Mystery & Horror
Level B1.2
Examinations preliminary, trinity

Through the narratives of Mr Enfield, Mr Utterson, Dr Lanyon and Poole, Jekyll’s butler, the mystery of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is revealed: Dr Jekyll, an eminent scientist, has discovered a drug which changes him into the embodiment of his evil impulses. Which side of Jekyll, the good or the evil, will triumph?

London and Crime
The ‘Double’ in 19th-century Fiction

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