Canterville Ghost (The)

Book (pp. 112) + audio CD/CD-ROM
ISBN: 9788853006592
€ 10,00
ISBN: 9788853040350
ISBN: 9788853006592
€ 2,90
Author Oscar Wilde
Adapted by Derek Sellen
Activities by Robert Hill, Derek Sellen
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Reading & Training
Genre Mystery & Horror
Level B1.2
Examinations preliminary, trinity

When Mr Hiram B. Otis decides to buy Canterville Chase, everyone tells him that he is crazy because the house is haunted by a ghost. And when the American family comes to live there, strange things begin to happen: a bloodstain that changes colour, mysterious noises in the night, a journey to the Garden of Death…

Oscar Wilde in America

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