Percorsi grammaticali

Cinzia Medaglia

This is a fun and flexible book of exercises which can be used in class or for self-study. It is aimed at absolute beginners and false beginners, but also at all those who wish to increase and consolidate their knowledge of the Italian language.
The 9 units, which it is divided into, allow for improvement in all of the main language skills so as to understand and produce oral and written Italian.

Each units offers:

  • original texts in various styles, accompanied by oral and written comprehension exercises;
  • the section Scriviamo insieme, to practise writing tests in Italian;
  • the grammar page, which aids memory and revises the rules;
  • numerous grammar, vocabulary and spelling exercises.

    Percorsi grammaticali is accompanied by an audio CD with the recordings of the listening exercises.

  • 978-88-530-0303-4
    Libro + CD
    pp. 96

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