Libro (64 pp.)
ISBN: 9788853009999
€ 7,30
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Venezia, Treviso e il Veneto

Author Cinzia Medaglia
Language ITALIAN
Category Graded Readers
Series La Bella Italia
Genre Travel
Level A2
Examinations CELI 1

Discover the magical atmosphere of Venice, in its bridges, narrow streets, historic buildings and gondolas. Explore the islands in the lagoon around the city and continue the journey visiting other cities in the region of Veneto: Treviso, Verona and Padua, rich in history and art.
Finally, discover the mountains, the lakes and the coasts of a region famous for the extraordinary variety of its natural landscapes.
An informative and fun book, which also includes interesting facts, recipes, anecdotes about famous people and much more.

Artisti Veneti
I viaggi di Marco Polo

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