Libro (80 pp.)
ISBN: 9788853011527
€ 7,80
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La Toscana con Firenze e Siena

Author Cinzia Medaglia
Language ITALIAN
Category Graded Readers
Series La Bella Italia
Genre Travel
Level A2
Examinations CELI 1

A voyage of discovery in Tuscany and its famous cities: from Florence, capital of the Renaissance, to Siena, passing through Lucca, Pisa and Arezzo.
The theme of the tour, the treasures that have made these cities famous in the world: Michelangelo’s David, Brunelleschi’s dome, the mediaeval squares in Siena…
The charming Tuscan landscapes, loved all over the world are described in the book. The book also contains recipes and descriptions of traditional Tuscan dishes.

Dante Alighieri
La pittura toscana

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