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ISBN: 9788877548177
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Veleno a colazione

Author Tiziana Merani
Language ITALIAN
Category Graded Readers
Series Imparare leggendo
Genre Crime
Level B1
Examinations CELI 2

In Genoa, the death by poisoning of a Milanese doctor upsets the peaceful atmosphere of the guest house, ‘Quarto dei Mille’, where Dr Capri spent the last night of his life. There isn’t enough evidence to think that it was suicide and the story has many mysterious aspects to it: why did someone who lived in Milan make an appointment with a lawyer in another city? And why did a rich man stay in a modest guest house and not in a 5-star hotel? Try to discover, with little Anna, the motives behind this mysterious death?

Umberto Eco
Il Duomo di Milano

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