Libro (96 pp.) + CD
ISBN: 9788853013453
€ 9,90

Baci da Venezia

Author Daniela Folco
Language ITALIAN
Category Graded Readers
Series Imparare leggendo
Genre Crime
Level B1
Examinations CELI 2

The architect Paolo Scalia continues to receive mysterious postcards: they should have been sent by his sister Emilia, but Emilia has diasappeared. Paolo goes to Venice and with the help of Lisa, a journalist, in an attempt to follow the traces of his sister and to discover what has happened to her. The people they meet all seem to hide something , but it is an enterprising police officer who unravels the mystery of crimes committed in the city and the disappearance of Emilia.

Il Canal Grande
Il Ponte di Rialto

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