Book (pp. 144) + CD
ISBN: 9788877549297
€ 10,00

Tom Jones

Author Henry Fielding
Adapted by James Butler
Activities by Justin Rainey
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Reading & Training
Genre Adventure
Level B2.1
Examinations First, Trinity

The kindly gentleman, Mr Allworthy, returns home from a voyage to find that someone has left a baby boy in his house. He adopts the foundling, giving him the name Tom Jones. Mr Allworthy’s sister, Bridget, has a son called Master Blifil. While Tom grows into a wild but honest young man, Blifil becomes a scheming hypocrite. But what happens when Tom falls in love with a neighbouring gentleman’s daughter, Sophia, whose family wish her to marry Blifil?

The Early 18th-century Novel
Tom Jones as a Hero

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