Libro (112 pp.) + CD
ISBN: 9788853002419
€ 9,80

Scoprire l'Italia... con una caccia al tesoro

Author Simona Gavelli, Sara Cianti
Language ITALIAN
Category Graded Readers
Series Imparare leggendo
Genre Adventure
Level B1

The cultural Association ‘Bella Italia’ organises a treasure hunt for foreign students, with stops in Florence, Venice, Naples, Rome, Milan, Agrigento and Siena. What better occasion for Mark, an American student to get to know the peninsular? Help him to understand the messages which show the right route, discover the fascinating places with him and get a taste of the atmosphere, the scenery and the traditions of wonderful Italy!

Venezia a filo d’acqua
Il Carnevale a Venezia
A spasso per le isole
Qualche passo nel passato
L’altra sponda di Trastevere
e altri…

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