Livre (pp. 96) + Audio
ISBN: 9788853006011
€ 9,90
ISBN: 9788853040893
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Poursuite dans Paris

Author Nicolas Gerrier
Language FRENCH
Category Graded Readers
Series Lire et s’entraîner
Genre Crime
Level A2
Examinations DELF

Max and Lucie are 15 years old and they live in Paris. They are best friends and share everything. One day Max, while waiting for Lucie at the cinema, is approached by a stranger who gives him a mysterious envelope. What is in the envelope? Is the stranger really a member of the Secret Service, as he claims? Max and Lucie turn into detectives and start investigating…

Le métro parisien
La Seine
Les personnalités du cimitière du Père-Lachaise

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