Livre (80 pp.) + CD
ISBN: 9788853013347
€ 9,20

Mystère à Nice

Author Nicolas Gerrier
Language FRENCH
Category Graded Readers
Series Lire et s’entraîner
Genre Crime
Level A2
Examinations DELF

Life is great for Amelie: after a weeks holiday in Corsica, she returns to Nice in the middle of the Carnival to see Florian, her fiancé. But in a moment of confusion during the arrival of the ship, a suitcase is exchanged in error, and Amelie’s life is in danger. Florian must do everything he can to save his girlfriend. We will succeed before the King, the largest float of the Nice Carnival, goes up in flames?

Les carnavals
La gastronomie niçoise
Brice de Nice

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