Libro (80 p.) + CD
ISBN: 9788853014269
€ 9,20
ISBN: 9788853042569
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Misterio en el Mallorca Gran Hotel

Author Dolores Villa Vázquez
Adapted by Margarita Barberá Quiles
Language SPANISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Leer y Aprender
Genre Crime
Level A2

Thanks to her Uncle Jorge, a famous chef, Carolina has the chance to work at the Gran hotel de Mallorca one summer. There she meets many interesting people and discovers what really lies behind the façade of the elegant hotel. Everything seems perfect, until a series of unpleasant events disturb the tranquility of the hotel and Carolina finds her life in serious danger.

La isla de Mallorca
Mallorquines célebres y visitantes ilustres
En un hotel

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