Book (96 p.) + Audio + App
ISBN: 9788853019448
€ 9,90

El casamiento engañoso - El coloquio de los perros

Author Miguel de Cervantes
Adapted by Fernando Andrés Ceravolo
Language SPANISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Leer y Aprender
Genre Adventure
Level A2
Examinations DELE

El casamiento engañoso and El coloquio de los perros are the final two stories of the Novelas Ejemplares. In the first, Ensign Campuzano tells a friend the story of how he tried to deceive a woman and ended up deceived by her. In the second, the ensign tells how he witnessed something strange… he heard a dog, Berganza, telling another dog, Cipión, the story of his life.

Miguel de Cervantes
Las Novelas ejemplares
Las ciudades de 
El coloquio de los perros

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