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ISBN: 9788853006042
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Miami Police File: the O’Nell Case

Author Gina D.B. Clemen
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Reading & Training
Genre Crime
Level A2
Examinations Key, Trinity

Peter O’Nell, Montego High School’s favorite teacher, goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle, and the Miami Police can’t seem to solve the case.
After an unusual Halloween party, three of his teenage students decide to investigate the case with the help of O’Nell’s dog, Rover. A ghostly appearance and strange clues lead Bill, Michelle and Nick to the popular wax museum, to O’Nell’s old home and to a millionaire’s yacht.
But the truth behind O’Nell’s disappearance is incredibly macabre…
A thrilling mystery filled with spine-tingling events, and solved by three determined teenagers.

American High School Sports
The Bermuda Triangle

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