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ISBN: 9788853015228
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Cantar de Mio Cid

Author Anónimo
Adapted by Margarita Barberá Quiles, Carmelo Valero Planas
Language SPANISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Leer y Aprender
Genre Epic
Level A2

The Cantar de Mio Cid is the oldest-known text in Spanish literature and it narrates part of the life of Cid, an epic hero. Exiled unjustifiably by King Don Alfonso, Cid, with a group of followers, fights to regain his honour against the Moors and against anyone who is plotting against him. Cid’s disgrace turns into triumph, and his misery into power, eventually leading to the conquest of Valencia from the Muslims.

La Valencia del Cid y sus tradiciones
El concepto del honor caballeresco
La figura del Cid en el mundo del arte

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