Student's Book (168 pp.) + Easy eBook
ISBN: 9788853015839
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Teacher's Book (96pp.)
ISBN: 9788853016089
€ 7,00
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CD Audio classe + DVD video
ISBN: 9788853016096
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Author Victoria Heward
Language ENGLISH
Category English-speaking world
Series Coursebook
Level B1/B2

More than you’d expect!

Divided into 12 units covering fundamental aspects of culture, Aspects brings you on a panoramic tour of the English Speaking World. Each unit elaborates current affairs topics at different language levels (towards B1, B1, B2) and offers modern literature extracts with links to film, interdisciplinary topics and Cambridge English First exam preparation pages. The book also features Cambridge English Preliminary and IELTS writing activities and focus on thinking skills and cultural comparison.


  • 3 language levels: towards B1, B1, B2
  • Current affairs and global issues
  • Literature and film links
  • Interdisciplinary topics
  • First preparation
  • Preliminary and IELTS writing practice
  • 12 BBC video activities

Easy eBook contents:

  • Interactive activities
  • Audio for the listening activities
  • Recordings of the unit texts
  • 12 BBC videos
  • Preliminary and First videos

Teacher’s Book:

  • Answer keys and audioscripts
  • Teaching notes
  • Preliminary, First and IELTS writing sample answers
  • BBC video activities answer keys and videoscripts
  • 12 unit tests
  • Complete First practice test