Book (pp. 80) + audio CD
ISBN: 9788853004055
€ 9,20


Author Emilio Salgari
Adapted by Sally M. Stockton
Activities by Eleanor Donaldson
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Green Apple
Genre Adventure
Level A1
Examinations Key, Trinity

Sandokan and his fierce pirates rule the Malaysian Sea in the 1840s, and the British want to capture him. One day he meets Marianna, Lord James’s young niece, and he is immediately attracted by her extraordinary beauty. And she is attracted by his great courage when he fights with a tiger and kills it. Being the niece of the British commander, their love is impossible, but Sandokan and his friend, Yanez, make a daring plan to take Marianna away from her uncle. Although Sandokan is captured by the British, he manages to escape and…

Kuala Lumpur
East Malaysia

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