Livre (144 pp.) + CD
ISBN: 9788853014467
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Guide du professeur (96 pp.) + CD audio + DVD
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Points de vue

Author Nicolas Gerrier, Anne Ferré
Language FRENCH
Category Civilization
Level B1/B2

Culture, society, literature, art and competences: these are the key words needed to discover France and the French-speaking world… looking at them from various “points of view”.

Points de vue is made up of :

• 9 units which begin with a literary text from a well-known work which then develop into themes of culture (culture & media, geography, science & technology, young people’s lives, leisure, history & politics, society & economy) and which round up with double page spreads on artistics themes (architecture, dance, painting, music, theatre, cinema…)
• Double page spreads of contextualised vocabulary and grammar revision on one side and intercultural and citizenship skills on the other round up each unit.
• Numerous activities on al four skills help students not only to understand the texts but above all to reflect on, compare and give their ‘point of view’ about Francophone culture and their own.
• Fact files on a number of Francophone countries like Belgium, Canada, Morocco or Senegal.