Percorso Italia A1-A2 + CD Libro digitale (296 pp.)
ISBN: 9788848040419
€ 18,00
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Percorso Italia B1-B2 + CD Libro digitale (302 pp.)
ISBN: 9788848040426
€ 18,00
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Percorso Italia - Guida Insegnante A1-A2/B1-B2 (204 pp.)
ISBN: 9788848040433
€ 5,00
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Percorso ITALIA

Author Giuseppe Patota, Norma Romanelli
Language ITALIAN
Category Courses
Level A1/B2

Percorso ITALIA is an Italian language course for foreign students, adult or young-adult, which can be used both individually and in class. It is in two volumes (A1-A2 and B1-B2) which relate to the learning levels indicated in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages.

Percorso ITALIA A1-A2 is aimed at total beginners who have no knowledge of the Italian language. It guarantees that students achieve a basic level of Italian, enough to effectively handle the most common communicative situations that may occur during a stay in Italy.

Percorso ITALIA B1-B2 enables users to socialize easily in an Italian-speaking environment using the Italian language for university study or for jobs, including those that require contact with the public (commerce, crafts, etc.).