Libro (96 pp.)
ISBN: 9788853002860
€ 7,90
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Author Omero
Adapted by Cinzia Medaglia
Language ITALIAN
Category Literature
Series Classici
Genre Epic

The war of Troy has finished and Ulisse leaves to return home, to Itaca. It proves to be a very long journey during which the hero has to deal with many kinds of danger and threat: giants with only one ear, beautiful women who enchant sailors… One of the most famous stories in the world, told in a language which is simple but at the same time faithful to the original. A passionate and moving story about a man who fights against fate and who wins in the end thanks to his courage and intelligence.
A series of comprehension activities, activities to study the characters in more detail and dossiers about the author and the places, accompany the text.

Conosciamo l’autore: Omero
Gli dei dell’Olimpo

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