Book (pp. 112) + audio CD
ISBN: 9788853007827
€ 9,80


Author John Meade Falkner
Adapted by Gina D.B. Clemen
Activities by Janet Cameron
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Reading & Training
Genre Adventure
Level B1.2
Examinations Preliminary, Trinity

Young John Trenchard lives in Moonfleet, an English village with dark secrets. One day he discovers a hidden crypt below the cemetery where smugglers meet and hide their goods. Here he accidentally finds the skeleton of evil Colonel Mohune, better known as Blackbeard, and a precious clue that could help him find Blackbeard’s treasure…
Thrilling adventures with smugglers, the king’s soldiers, a corrupt magistrate, a greedy diamond dealer and others await John in this exciting story set in the eighteenth century.

The English Civil War

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