Book (pp. 96) + audio CD/CD-ROM
ISBN: 9788853006189
€ 9,70
ISBN: 9788853040237
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Legends from the British Isles

Adapted by Deborah Meyers
Activities by Eleanor Donaldson
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Green Apple
Genre Legend
Level A2
Examinations Key, Trinity

The Legend of the Unicorn tells the story of Rhiannon Carter, a pretty English girl, who lived in the days of King Arthur. One day she makes friends with a young unicorn in the forest, but greedy Sir Brangwyn finds out and…
The King of the Wizards is a legend from Scotland that tells about a young man who wants to become a great juggler, but he doesn’t know that his teacher is an evil wizard.
Bedd Gelert is the touching Welsh legend about Prince Llewellyn’s loyal dog who must protect the prince’s son while he goes hunting. When he returns after the hunt, it is dark and he makes a terrible mistake.

Haunted Castles in Scotland
Man’s Best Friend

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