Libro (260 pp.)
ISBN: 9788848040327
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Grammatica essenziale di Italiano

Author Giuseppe Patota
Language ITALIAN
Category Grammar & vocabulary

The Grammatica essenziale di Italiano describes in a simple and concise but complete way the theoretical foundations of the Italian language and its rules of use.

Combining conciseness and scientific rigor, it is intended as a quick and easy-to-read text, enabling the user to find an answer to the many questions that arise with the daily use of the language. The five sections into which the work is divided (Sounds and letters, Forms, Phrases, Sentences and Italian words) are punctuated by features throughout the entire volume, illustrating curiosities and resolving many problems in the use of spoken and written Italian.

Grammatical tables, dedicated to the correct inflection of nouns, pronouns, adjectives and regular and irregular verbs, complete the volume, making it a quick “linguistic first-aid” for immediate and easy consultation.

It is aimed at Italian and foreign students and all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Italian language in a clear, simple and concise way.