Livre (128 pp.) + CD
ISBN: 9788853009012
€ 10,00
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En Provence

Author Régine Boutégège, Susanna Longo
Language FRENCH
Category Civilization
Series Lire et voyager
Level A2/B1

On their journey from Nice to Avignon, four friends discover the countryside, the monuments, the traditions and perfumes of Provence. This journey in eight stages is also a journey in time: the vestiges of Nîmes and Arles speak of Ancient Rome, the Roman churches and Abbeys take us back to the Mediaeval, the magnificent palaces in Avignon remind us of the Great Schism and the grand hotels along the seafront in Nice transmit memories of the first tourists…
Each stage includes an introductory dialogue, the presentation of a city or a famous person, a few pages of grammar revision and the presentation of an itinerary.

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