Libro (144 p.) + Libro digital
ISBN: 9788853013521
€ 18,40

Destino DELE B2

Author Cristina M. Alegre Palazón, Leonor Quarello Demarcos, Ana Romanacce Guerra, et al.
Language SPANISH
Category Examinations
Series Destino DELE
Level B2
Examinations DELE

A series focusing on developing all four language skills through vocabulary and communication.

• clear and effective thematic units, based topics of everyday life
• complete practice exams (five exams in A1 level, and four in levels A2, B1 and B2)
• practice activities for the examination, based on the four language skills

Audio CD/ROM, and CD Mp3/ROM
• audio recordings of all listening activities from units and practice exams (Mp3 for A2, B1 and B2)
•electronic version of written and oral comprehension tests for all practice exams

• teacher’s book downloadable in pdf format
• downloadable audio files also available in Mp3 format

… more for the teacher
The Teacher’s Book contains:
• solutions for all activities and practice exams
• audio scripts of all audio tracks
• tips and activities for teaching.

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