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ISBN: 9788853008558
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Descubrir España y Latinoamérica

Author Alberto Ribas Casasayas
Language SPANISH
Category Civilization
Level B1/B2
Examinations DELE

Descrubrir España y Latinoamérica is a cultural studies book aimed at middle school students.

By using authentic documents (photos, maps, pictures etc.), this book offers a clear and complete  vision of the Spanish and Hispanic cultures, through various perspectives. The volume is divided into four topic-based sections:

Historia y política

The variety of topics dealt with in the book allow for links and comparisons to be made between the past and the present, traditional and contemporary society, traditional values and changes in behaviour.

The text is complemented by a series of activities which not only stimulate dialogue but also intercultural comparisons. In particular, it focuses on listening exercises which aim to build on the topic dealt with in that unit.

In terms of content, a great variety of topics are dealt with: from the role of women in today’s society, to the language Spanglish, to the cinema, to food, to the delicate topic of dictatorship…

The volume has the following new features:

• Two pages of introduction in each topic-based section with activities which test students’ understanding of the themes dealt with, and stimulate students’ curiosity;
• The activities have been revised and added to, and DELE-style activities at levels Inicial (BI) and Intermedio (B2) have been introduced;
• The activities labelled @ send the students to do some research on the Internet and find out more about the topics introduced by the author;
• Authentic material has been added to the audio recordings so as to provide additional insights into the current affairs of the Spanish world.
Level B1-B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.


4 topic-based sections;
• Focus on current affairs topics which stimulate reflection, debate and further research;
• Activities testing the four skills: lectora, escrita, auditiva e oral;
• Focus on the development of oral production and comprehension, through listening exercises e those which stimulate conversation;
• Fun text boxes which provide interesting facts to complement the texts;
2 audio CDs with the recording of the listening exercises;
• Focus on the different Spanish accents;
Teacher’s Guide with notes on methodology, answer keys and recording scripts.