Book (pp. 64) + audio CD/CD-ROM
ISBN: 9788853007681
€ 9,20
ISBN: 9788853040152
€ 0,00

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Author Lewis Carroll
Adapted by Gina D.B. Clemen
Activities by Mary Johnson
Language ENGLISH
Category Graded Readers
Series Green Apple
Genre Fairy tale & Fantasy
Level A1
Examinations Ket, Trinity

Alice follows the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole and finds herself in the magical world of Wonderland, where anything can happen. She grows bigger and smaller and she meets a lot of very strange characters! These include the Caterpillar on his mushroom, the smiling Cheshire Cat, the Hatter and the March Hare at their mad tea party, the Queen of Hearts at her crazy game of croquet, and many more!

A Drink Called Tea
A Real Queen

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