Buch (96 S.) + CD
ISBN: 9788853012203
€ 9,90
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Die Abenteuer des Barons von Münchhausen

Adapted by Achim Seiffarth
Language GERMAN
Category Graded Readers
Series Lesen und Üben
Genre Fantastic adventures
Level A2
Examinations FIT 2

He rides on a cannon ball and arrives on the moon… but who is this improbable character?
It is the Baron of Münchhausen, famous for his absurd and incredible adventures, told through the imaginative eyes of Rudolf Erich Raspe. They were written in 1781 and have been enjoyable classics for all ages since then.

Baron von Münchhausen
Deutsche in Russland
Lügengeschichten Seemannsgarn, Jägerlatein, Urban Legends

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