Livre de l'élève 1 + Cahier d'exercices + CD audio + Civi-Digitale (208 pp.)
ISBN: 9788853011978
€ 26,50
Not available
Livre de l'élève 2 + Cahier d'exercices + CD audio + Civi-Digitale (208 pp.)
ISBN: 9788853011985
€ 26,50
Not available
Livre de l'élève 3 + Cahier d'exercices + CD audio + Civi-Digitale (208 pp.)
ISBN: 9788853011992
€ 26,50
Not available
TBI-Lecons Cartes Interactives
ISBN: 9788853011626
€ 29,75
Not available
Civi-Digitale 1-2-3
ISBN: 9788853009036
Not available

À vrai dire...

Author Régine Boutégège
Language FRENCH
Category Courses
Level A1/B1+
Examinations DELF

À vrai dire… is a French-language course for the first two years of second secondary school, offering a good mix of topical issues, situations from life and aspects of French and francophone culture today. Numerous activities aim to involve the student actively and consciously, including the frequent revisiting of previously acquired knowledge and skills, and the alternation between traditional exercises and positioning. At the end of each unit, two pages offer the student material for revision or extension of the work done and enables the teacher to verify the acquired knowledge and to “manage” different levels of competence within the classroom.

Each level includes

For the student
• Livre de l’élève
• Cahier d’exercices + 2 audio CDs
• Interactive CD-Rom

For the teacher
• Livre du professeur
• TBI-leçons
• Audio CD for the class
• CD-Tests (one for two volumes)

It offers numerous additional, complementary and supplementary activities, particularly on French culture, while the audio CD reproduces the two opening dialogues of each unit and all the Cahier listening exercises.

Invaluable help in preparing and managing lessons. Contains an entry test with solutions, a progress test for each unit, and activities for written and oral comprehension and writing.

Tests en ligne
Allows the teacher to prepare custom tests easily, adding their own additional exercises.

Two interactive CD-Roms on French and francophone culture accompany and complete the course.

TBI-Leçons (tableau blanc interactif) (For the teacher)
This support, designed specifically for the interactive multimedia whiteboard, features cultural material for use in the classroom.

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