Book (pp. 96) + CD
ISBN: 9788853010179
€ 9,60

Rob Roy

Autor Sir Walter Scott
Bearbeitet von Kenneth Brodey
Typologie Gestaffelte Lektüren
Serie Reading & Training
Genre Abenteuer
Sprachniveau B1.1
Sprachzertifikate Preliminary, Trinity

1715: Frank Osbaldistone likes poetry and he does not want to enter the family business. The young man is then sent by his father to the north of England. Frank meets a charismatic Scotsman and an official of the English government. This will be the beginning of his involvement in a rebellion against the British monarchy. In this great historical novel, Frank comes to love and understand the wild world of the Scottish Highlands.

Rob Roy: history comes alive
The historical novel: Sir Walter Scott’s Great Creation

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